Evergreen IT for Events

Sarah Verge - May 10, 2019

Famously, until recently, once workmen had finished painting the Scottish bridge, which opened in 1890, they’d have to start the process all over again.

Keeping an organisation’s hardware and software up to date is also a Sisyphean task.

Evergreen IT for Events

Legacy systems can be difficult to maintain, upgrade and scale. They’re vulnerable to security threats and obsolescence.

Evergreen IT means having stable, streamlined and flexible systems that grow with your organisation, saving you money, increasing resilience and securing your data properly.

ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora are cloud-native applications, written from scratch, rather than legacy products given a face-lift. All development and testing is carried out on the latest versions of supported browsers.

Just like an evergreen shrub, which loses only a few leaves at a time and replaces them with new ones, we’re making incremental and frequent improvements to our products and hosting environment (Amazon Web Services). This allows us to deliver the best possible services seamlessly to our users.

We build with longevity in mind and our agile development processes ensure that we can change and adapt easily.

Contact us to find out how ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora can support you as your needs change without burdening your IT team.

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Sarah Verge

Sarah is an accountant with a background in IT. In her spare time, she advises Sistema England, a music charity and is an ISPA committee member. She is a regular theatre and concert-goer: jukebox musicals are her guilty pleasure.


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