Latest Venue & Event Software Release

Adam Pepper - May 20, 2019

​The snappily-titled ArtifaxEvent v4.3.3 will be rolled out to all our cloud customers very shortly.

If you’re a current user of Artifax products, pop over to our Help Centre to read the full Release Notes.

Here are the highlights of the new features and improvements.

Latest Venue & Event Software Release
ArtifaxEvent v4.3.3

Graphical Calendar

In response to Community Requests, it’s now possible to contextually highlight text in the calendar (as well as changing the text and background fill colours) and to see more information when you hover over events.

​Artistic Programming

For those of you using ArtifaxEvent to plan films, concerts and plays, we’ve introduced new security, sub-seasons and extended attendee search functionality.

Guest Scheduling

Extra functionality has been introduced to manage travel logistics, helping you keep track of accommodation and journeys, creating comprehensive travel itineraries.

Staff Scheduling

We’ve a suite of new staff rostering reports and a new staff schedule report available.

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