More than 7 Million Events Scheduled!

Sarah Verge - April 05, 2019

​I was in Austin, Texas last week (mostly work, but quite a lot of fun too) and, while I was on the North American side of the pond, Artifax customers were beavering away creating events, tipping the grand total in the EU cloud over the 7,000,000 mark…

...That’s rather a lot of parties and performances being managed in ArtifaxEvent!

We’d love to reach a nice round 10,000,000 events (although we’re certainly not going to pack up and go home when we do), so do get in touch if we might be able to help you manage your own events and spaces.

More than 7 Million Events Scheduled!

7,032,015 shows, weddings, meetings, films, conferences, rehearsals and banquets in ArtifaxEvent and counting!

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Sarah Verge

Sarah is an accountant with a background in IT. In her spare time, she advises Sistema England, a music charity and is an ISPA committee member. She is a regular theatre and concert-goer: jukebox musicals are her guilty pleasure.


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