What are the 7 top blogs for event planners?

Fernando da Silva Oliveira Neto - January 22, 2020

As an event professional, there’s a variety of reasons that you may wish to read industry blogs, including looking out for job vacancies, keeping up with the latest news, staying informed on trends and learning about the impact of the latest event tech, among others.

But with a plethora of event blogs to choose from, each with their own approach, how do you find one that gives you what you’re looking for? To help you figure that out, we share our pick of the bunch…

What are the 7 top blogs for event planners?

1. Event MB

Short for Event Manager Blog, Event MB claims to be the industry’s ‘largest online media resource for trends, technology, innovation and education’. The blog was acquired by Skift in autumn 2019 – making the young, ambitious travel industry media company into the largest independent media source in the events industry. Now, the intention is to continue the impressive growth that the blog, which now has over 300,000 readers, has enjoyed since it was founded by Julian Solaris in 2007. Sharing tips for planners, commentary on industry trends and insight into the latest event technology, the blog has something to offer for anyone working in our industry.

2. The Endless Events blog

This one isn’t a dedicated blog for the events industry, but part of Endless Events, a provider of AV and event production services with values based on building excitement around their events, providing excellent service and staying ahead of the industry curve. Considering this, it’s no surprise that their blog focuses on the latest event inspiration, trends and technology. With a section on event planning tips, the blog is also well worth a read for anyone new to the industry looking to learn more about how to be successful as well as experienced professionals who want to up their game.

3. BizBash

BizBash is an established name in the events industry, featuring directories of event companies, venues and suppliers, organising events around the USA and publishing BizBash magazine – the digital version of which is free for event planners. The BizBash blog offers news and resources to help planners create smarter events, with commentary on the latest trends in style and decor, catering and strategy. Add the weekly GatherGeeks podcast into the mix, and BizBash really offers something for everyone who’s passionate about the industry.

4. Access All Areas

Published by Mash Media, the owner of various industry publications including Exhibition News and Conference News, the Access All Areas blog is geared towards professionals in the live and outdoor events industry. With posts on a range of interesting and original topics including tips and hacks for event planners and insightful commentary, supplemented by case studies, features on interesting developments and articles about the latest industry trends, the Access All Areas website also features a video section and a listing of live events.

5. Event Tech Brief

As the name would suggest, this blog is focused on event tech for all kinds of events, from trade shows and conferences to festivals. Event Tech Brief started life as an email newsletter, created by Michelle Bruno with the aim of moving the industry forwards by helping organisers understand the technology that can assist them in putting on better events. Aside from probably being the most visually appealing blog on this list, what’s really great about Event Tech Brief is the range of topics covered – with insights on new tech and commentary on technology-related events, it also features industry news and interviews with established event tech professionals.

6. Gallus Events

Gallus Events is an event consultancy founded by William Thompson. Offering ‘thought leadership for event planners’, the company’s blog features a range of thought-provoking articles about topics like sustainability, industry trends and event tech, as well as tips relating a wide variety of event planning activities and expert opinions from experienced event professionals. The Gallus Events blog is a great example of the value that can be leveraged from the knowledge and experience of established minds in the world of events.

7. Event Planning Blueprint

Event Planning Blueprint is focused on giving advice for individuals starting out in the world of event planning. Inspired by the experiences of its founder Melanie, Event Planning Blueprint is all about supporting people who are passionate about events but aren’t sure how to get started to find inspiration and build their confidence in order to make their event planning dreams a reality. This is achieved through online courses and resources, as well as tips and insights to help them get started by focusing on their unique strengths. Event Planning Blueprint benefits from the knowledge of a team of experienced event professionals, and the blog covers a broad range of topics that get back to the fundaments of event planning.

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