When Artifax gets invited to the party

Anne Choe - April 29, 2019

The Shed in New York celebrated their opening by hosting a party for the friends of the organization. The Artifax North American team was invited by the Shed’s Artifax Power User and Director of Special Events, Lauren Driscoll, to attend.

We got a firsthand look at the awe-inspiring space and took in the views of the Vessel and Hudson Yards. Free to roam around the space, we marveled at the ingenuity of the mechanism to extend and nest the shell.

When Artifax gets invited to the party
The Shed Opening Party photo collage

The Shed has been implementing ArtifaxEvent and working closely with us, the Artifax North American team, for about a year.

As we worked with Lauren to build out the elements of the ArtifaxEvent calendar, we first considered which requirements of an event are crucial in whether it can go forward at all and which elements have to be considered because they will impact the quality of the attendee experience. Implementing ArtifaxEvent begins with a process and workflow review that, for new venues, is critical in planning in advance of the opening and when we have ample time and focus of the staff to develop an organized and streamlined process. These assumptions will be reviewed once the Shed has worked through a few bookings, as we are aware that the theory and the practice are unlikely to be a perfect match.

We used a similar process when we implemented ArtifaxEvent at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto in advance of their opening and at Union Station before they launched their new public event spaces. Much like the Shed implementation, Sarah on the Artifax North American team mapped out their process in conjunction with their software configuration.

How far in advance of your opening day should you implement your event and venue management software? It varies greatly on the complexity of your requirements, the roll out of event space usage and business areas. But one thing is for sure, it shouldn’t be on opening day. So, don’t let your event management software crash the partylet us help you prepare for opening and invite us to the table as old friends and as partners.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements at your venue and to schedule a demo of ArtifaxEvent.

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