Who uses an application like this?

Sarah Verge - July 19, 2019

ArtifaxEvent users between them have nearly 3,500 different job titles, although I’m not convinced that the “Busy Person” and the “Soothsayer” have given us their official roles, but instead an insight into the pressure they’re under!

Who uses an application like this?

Click here to view an extract from the list of job titles (Deputies, Interims, Seniors etc. and customer-identifying roles removed).

The job I fancy having a go at? It’s got to be “Inflatable Museum Programme Assistant”.

P.S. If your job title is “Generic User Log On”, you might want to whisper “GDPR” into the ear of your sysadmin!

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Sarah Verge

Sarah is an accountant with a background in IT. In her spare time, she advises Sistema England, a music charity and is an ISPA committee member. She is a regular theatre and concert-goer: jukebox musicals are her guilty pleasure.


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