Directors and management

Timothy Nathan

Nina Kaye
Non-Executive Director

Sarah Verge
Managing Director

Andy Wheeler
Development Director

Kevin Sparks
Sales Director

Adam Pepper
Head of Products

Tim Leighton
Head of Customer Services

Greg Douglas
Head of Projects

Sales and administration

Shyam Bharadwaj

Lesley Bolton

Helen Coll

Russell Lawton

Elaine Roche


Hassan Abbas

Jonathan Castro

Miguel Castro

Andrew Dunford

Kathryn Evans

Laura Francis

Nick Haggett

Karim Khan

Robert Mills

Sujata Nailk

Minal Thakkar

Jonathan Weeks

Danny Wheeler

Customer services

Paul Durbin

Guy Hiddleston

Joseph Howson

Claire Johnson

Martin McDonough

Marcus Millar

Max Newman

Terry Salmon