Artifax Event

Our flagship product, ARTIFAXevent, is used to manage artistic and production schedules, education programmes, venue hire and tour scheduling. It streamlines your business processes and puts critical information at your fingertips. ARTIFAXevent is suitable for any size of organisation and available in the cloud or on-premises.

ARTIFAXevent on laptop
ARTIFAXevent on tablet

Artifax Agora

Our new product, ARTIFAXagora, enables organisations to create websites harnessing the power of ARTIFAXevent to facilitate direct engagement with members of the public and other third parties. These could include: prospects, customers, colleagues, suppliers, volunteers/casual staff, event attendees and/or performers.

Artifax Event (v4)

  • Tiered hierarchy of Rooms, each with its own capacities, usage types, opening times and overlap buffers
  • Build your database of Resources, each with their own Suppliers, quantities, availability by location and custom properties
  • Create overlap warnings for linked spaces
  • Use types, statuses, custom forms and security to build your own workflows
  • Easily amend, duplicate and remove multiple bookings
  • Create and attach Documents to relevant locations
  • Manage details of all prospects, customers, contacts and suppliers
  • Import from .csv or MailChimp
  • Use Price Codes to store charges and costs for Rooms and Resources or create ad-hoc
  • Apply discounts and contras as amounts or percentages
  • Create a payment plan by splitting charges into separately invoiced amounts
  • Split a charge between different customers
  • Create invoices and credit notes
  • Manage payments and refunds
  • Create deals and commissions calculations and performance settlements
  • Create your own Custom Forms and attach them throughout the application, manually or automatically
  • Translate any field to use terms familiar to your users
  • Apply granular Security rules to users and user groups
  • Selection of configurable layouts
  • Zoom from 4 weeks to 6 hours on graphical wallplanner-style views
  • Create and modify events directly on the Calendar
  • Colour code by status, activity or type
  • Publish calendars as .ics files (enabling users to subscribe from Outlook, Google Calendar or iOS) or as an XML feed
  • Written in PHP, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Powered by Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Internet Information Services
  • RESTful API using JSON

Artifax Event Classic (v3)

The core venue management software features room and resource bookings, calendars, CRM, tasks, document management and a suite of reports. Straightforward to configure and simple to use, its flexibility serves a broad range of organisations, from community facilities to world-class festivals, theatres, museums and conference centres.

Avoid clashes and easily maintain an archive of your artistic output. Details of music, films and plays, their authors, the creative team, performers and their agents are all easily accessible and updated.

Use this module to register individual and groups of VIPs, delegates and class attendees to your events. Keep track of who came to what and report on their participation.

Need to manage visitor and performer logistics? This module will track their accommodation, travel, ground transport and appointments. It generates personal itineraries and contracts for all your guests.

Simplify your staff and volunteer scheduling. The requirements of each event are already stored. This module enables you to record the skills and availability of your staff. Rules can be created so that the most suitable staff can be suggested or scheduled for each event.

Send details of what is happening in each room to screens in your public areas. Just like in an airport departure lounge, past events are automatically removed.

Create your performance schedule in Artifax Event, then use it to populate your box office system. Import ticket sales data back to Artifax Event to calculate the deal and ensure CRM records in both systems are automatically kept up-to-date.

You can already raise invoices directly from Artifax Event, so avoid anyone re-keying data into your finance software with an automated export.

Import addresses from other systems, such as Microsoft Outlook, to avoid re-entering data.

If a wider audience needs read-only access to your calendars, use this module automatically to update compatible software such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Need to share detailed information with users within your organisation? Install Artifax Event Online on your intranet to give your colleagues read-only access to the calendar, specified event and contact details. Enable them to submit room booking requests and generate reports.

Enable your staff and volunteers to check their own schedules and update their availability with Artifax Staffing Online, keeping everyone up-to-date.