Artifax and Excel

Paul Durbin - April 05, 2019

Did you know that…

...the Artifax Excel Toolbar is a very powerful tool for analysing the raw data from your ArtifaxEvent installation.

With it, you can create easy-to-read dashboards, in-depth statistics reports or even calendar views and schedules showing the data exactly as you, or your Directors, need.

Artifax and Excel
Artifax Excel Pivot Chart

​If you’re an existing Artifax customer, head over to the Help Centre to find out how to install and configure the toolbar, plus some top tips for using it.

Not an Artifax customer and relieved to know that moving to ArtifaxEvent doesn’t mean abandoning Excel altogether (if you don’t want to)? Contact us to find out how Artifax can help you manage and analyse your data.

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Paul Durbin

Before coming to Artifax, Paul ran development events for a large national charity and had his own fire performance group. He plays drums and percussion with various London-based bands and is a keen boulderer, rock climber, traveller and photographer.


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