Webinar: Top Sales Tips to Boost Your Venue Hire

Fernando da Silva Oliveira Neto - July 23, 2020

Join our live webinar on Tuesday, 28 July 2020 at 10:30 AM BST

Artifax and Sales Untangled have combined forces to keep supporting our industry throughout this challenging time.

In this webinar, Lynne Kennedy, co-founder of Sales Untangled, shares how to improve sales skills and how making selling more efficient and effective is the key to the growth of our Industry.

Webinar: Top Sales Tips to Boost Your Venue Hire

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During the webinar Lynne will cover:

• A fresh perspective

• A wider perspective

• Engaging your audience

• Making it easy to buy from you

• Amazing first impressions

• Pursue the Need; not the Want

• Selling benefits and value

• Turn ‘Show-arounds’ into ‘Sell-arounds’

• Remembering you’re worth it

• Add value not discount

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Lynne worked for international businesses such as Mars, De La Rue and Boots before striking out on her own two decades ago. She has experience of selling products, services and consulting solutions; as well as managing large sales teams. She understands the euphoria that hitting sales numbers brings and the angst that being behind target creates.

Lynne’s speciality is training, coaching and sales consulting. With an instinct for business relationships she can unpick tangled teams and processes, rewiring the organisation in a way that motivates people and inspires improved performance.

You can find Lynne at and [email protected]

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Fernando da Silva Oliveira Neto

Fernando holds a degree in Advertising and Marketing from ESPM (Brazil) and Master Business Administration from FGV (Brazil). Before joining Artifax, he was responsible for marketing at a Brazilian technology company. In his spare time Fernando loves to travel with his wife and play tennis with family and friends.


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