G-Cloud 12 Framework Live

Artifax - October 28, 2020

A framework is an agreement between government and suppliers. Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. All public sector organisations in the UK, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace to buy Artifax services* through the G-Cloud framework.

If you’re not an eligible buyer, you can still take a look at our services in the Digital Marketplace.

* Other suppliers’ services are also available!

G-Cloud 12 Framework Live

How to use the Framework

1. Check the customer unique reference number (URN) list to see if you are eligible

2. Start an audit trail to record your procurement process

3. Check if you need approval from the Government Digital Service (GDS) to spend money

4. Compile your requirements

5. Search for services on the Digital Marketplace

6. Assess the results fairly and transparently, bearing in mind that:

a. You are not permitted to ask suppliers to tender, bid or submit proposals

b. You cannot negotiate with suppliers about the details of their service, although you can ask clarification questions

7. Award a contract

a. Download templates and legal documents

b. If you have chosen Artifax as your cloud software supplier, ask us for an example of a call-off contract for ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora to help you complete your own

c. Both you and the supplier must sign the contract

8. Publish details of the completed contract on Contracts Finder

Artifax’s Listing

Venue and Event Management: ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora

Artifax Software Limited

Join a global community managing commercial and cultural spaces and activities with Artifax. Theatres, concert halls, festivals, museums, galleries, sports facilities, visitor attractions, schools and other venues use Artifax for event planning, room hire, staff and resource scheduling, finances, artistic and production schedules, tour bookings, document storage and online bookings.

Cloud software G-Cloud 12

Further Reading

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Note: G-Cloud 12 is a UK-only framework.


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