Spektrix and Artifax Together

James Taylor - November 25, 2018

Spektrix and Artifax have combined forces to create a nifty way of saving arts organisations time and effort, making it easy and fast to manage and share content between both software applications.

Spektrix and Artifax Together

Venues using the Artifax and Spektrix solution will be able to benefit from features that:

Save Time

Import headline Event information from ArtifaxEvent straight into Spektrix.

Once that’s done you just need to add the instance details, but the bulk of the work is complete, leaving you free to spend your time on things only a human brain can do.

Reduce Human Error in Duplicating Events

See at a glance in your Spektrix system events that you can import from ArtifaxEvent when setting up a new Event/Instance.

Drive up Efficiency

Your programming team will be able to spend the bulk of time setting events up in just one system, then swiftly copy over the fundamental details to Spektrix from where your sales team takes over.

We are delighted to be working with the team at Spektrix to help our joint clients leverage their investment in both applications.

Sarah Verge, Artifax's Managing Director

If you’re not already using Spektrix… may be asking what it is

Spektrix is the leading provider of cloud-based ticketing, marketing and fundraising software for the performing arts. Founded in London in 2007, Spektrix now enables more than 370 organisations in the UK and North America to provide a simple and intuitive ticketing journey to end customers. Sophisticated, real-time analytics and marketing tools allow arts marketers to be truly responsive to audiences, delivering targeted offers that recognise the needs of individual theatregoers.

Spektrix have worked closely with the Artifax team to create an import that pulls data from ArtifaxEvent into Spektrix to help make setting up events in Spektrix even easier.

For organisations using ArtifaxEvent who would like to reduce the amount of time spent on setting up events, ArtifaxEvent Importing is an easy way to import Arrangements and Instances from ArtifaxEvent into Spektrix with just a few clicks.

This new wizard will allow you to pull Arrangements and Events from ArtifaxEvent and create them as Events and Instances in Spektrix.

Once you have your new Event or Instance created in Spektrix, you can customise it in all the usual ways. Amends don’t feed back into ArtifaxEvent (yet!) so you’ll need to change it there if any major shifts, but this is the ideal tool to get your season programme onto your Spektrix system once it is signed off by the programming team.

How do I get ArtifaxEvent Importing for Spektrix?

If you are already working with ArtifaxEvent and have Spektrix, then this feature is included in your service charge.

Please contact us for further information.

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James Taylor

Joining us from a global exhibition company, James uses his extensive events experience and technical know-how to build long-term client relationships — and, most importantly, makes sure those clients are getting the most from our technology. In his spare time, James enjoys working on and riding his motorcycles.


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