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Civic Facilities

  • Bath & North East Somerset Council

  • St George's Hall, Liverpool

  • Palace of Westminster, London

  • Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

The requirements of Civic Facilities typically encompass those of all the sectors using ArtifaxEvent. Their challenge is to find a solution that can manage bookings in theatres, concert halls, museums, community centres, conference venues, meeting rooms, sports pitches, parks and open spaces, across multiple departments and teams, where each has their own processes.

When a client joined their local Council with the responsibility for managing multiple venues, he found that staff were struggling with a mix of paper, electronic diaries and spreadsheets to manage room bookings, finance reports and forecasting. These makeshift processes were clearly reducing planning time and resulting in a significant number of manual errors. He immediately identified time and cost savings that could be made by automating and synchronising procedures.

We implemented ArtifaxEvent to handle all room bookings, resources and scheduling at the Theatre, Conference Centre and Town Hall and now booking clashes, manual data entry, duplication and manual errors have been greatly reduced.

Using Artifax probably saves us the equivalent of a role-and-a-half in salary terms today.

Sector Challenges:

Multiple Venues – Managing hundreds of spaces across dozens of buildings or sites? There’s no limit to the number of locations you can set up in ArtifaxEvent, enabling organisations to scale the system to meet their requirements.

Multiple Teams – Administer all your bookings centrally, have each department or venue manage its own, or combine both approaches. Flexible custom forms and security rules provide a framework for staff across your organisation.

Legacy Agreements – When loyal customers request “the same booking we’ve always had” and at the same price, you need to ensure they feel valued by knowing what they mean and be able to make exceptions to honour longstanding arrangements. ArtifaxEvent provides a comprehensive booking history and flexible pricing options.

Staff Turnover – The success of your procedures depends on their being easy to use and understand. Customise the application to use your terminology, create custom prompts to capture the key details you need, and embed your document templates to minimise error and maximise efficiency, even for new staff.


With constant pressure to minimise waste and consolidate processes, it was important that the Council had the ability to expand their use of the system in breadth and depth, without the need for further investment in the solution. As with all our clients, the administrator training received from our consultants enabled them to develop their configuration themselves, and our Support team were on hand to provide advice when required.

When managing multiple sites remotely, the detail about each space can easily be lost. As the success of an event often lies in the detail, it was important that key information about rooms, venues and the resources available in each was easy to find.

It was also key that every person or organisation would be represented by a single record in order to provide a 360 degree view of their activities. A customer for a booking could be an organisation with a contact person (such as an corporate booking), a person on behalf of an organisation (for example the treasurer of a community group), or an individual person. The solution needed to appreciate and handle these nuanced but important differences.

Compiling and aggregating statistical reports from a variety of sources and formats was a real burden. It was imperative that a single solution could provide consolidated organisation-wide management reports. The specific breakdowns required were specific to the organisation, but custom reports ensured the data could be generated quickly with no manual intervention.

ArtifaxEvent easily helps us manage bookings for private hire events from the initial enquiry stage to the production of a final invoice. Over several years we have been able to build in new systems which have further improved our efficiency. I couldn't do my job without it.

Features for this Sector:

Rooms and Resources – Set up all your spaces in a three-tier hierarchy, configuring the suitable activities, layouts, capacities and prices. Create resources, organise them into types, and set up their suppliers, quantities, prices, and the rooms in which they can be provided.

Reports – Letters and agreements for customers, operational reports for internal use, and schedules for suppliers can all be generated with ease as documents or PDFs.

CRM – A centralised address book for all organisations in people, whether prospect, customer or supplier. Track their enquiries, bookings, invoices and custom data from a single location.

ArtifaxAgora – Provides a simplified view of key booking information to staff on remote sites who need to know what’s happening at their venue, and enables internal or external users to request or book spaces.

Using ArtifaxEvent has not only given us a solution to having data at our fingertips but is allowing us to communicate the information with much more ease than before. It's a comprehensive package but is easy to use and you get great support from the Artifax team!

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We find ArtifaxEvent to be an excellent system. It easily helps us manage bookings for private hire events from the initial enquiry stage to the production of a final invoice. Over several years we have been able to build in new systems which have further improved our efficiency. The support staff are great - prompt to respond and always willing to assist. I couldn't do my job without it.

Tom Deller, Corporate Hospitality Manager, Bath’s Historic Buildings

Bath & North East Somerset Council

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