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  • Royal Hospital, Chelsea

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  • Southbank Centre, London

  • Liverpool Philharmonic

Of all the sectors that use ArtifaxEvent, venues geared for Conference and Banqueting are unique. Every venue is so different that you could not create a template database and give it to another. The expertise of our Consultants helps these new venues to set-up their database to get the most out of their ArtifaxEvent.

Our most recent large project involved working with a highly prestigious organisation who needed a system to manage events in their building. The building is managed by two separate departments, each with their own separate installation of a legacy system that we were replacing with a single system.

The aim of the organisation was to unify processes across both departments, but it soon transpired that this was a task that could not be achieved solely by changing the software, and that it would need to be incremental and driven by the organisation from within. This raised some interesting challenges for our implementation team.

We appreciate that change introduces risk, and are careful to ensure that your configuration works for you now, and prepares you for known (and unknown) future requirements.

Sector Challenges:

Equipment with Limited Quantity – Each resource, like AV, can be assigned to a supplier with a stock quantity so when there is no more left you could nominate a different supplier.

Price Changes – In ArtifaxEvent, rooms and resource prices can be updated automatically by specifying a start and end date or manually. All future bookings for that room or resource will be automatically updated unless these bookings have already been invoiced or contracted.

Analyse Profit Margins – Every event’s success needs to be measured from a profitability angle. ArtifaxEvent has standard reports that allow you to look at the financial success of each of your events.

Customising Pre-configured Packages - ArtifaxEvent allows you to substitute one resource for another.


Each department manages their own set of spaces, and must not be able to edit or see each other’s bookings. Our security rules enabled us to implement this easily. Data integrity is always paramount, and this will always shape our configuration recommendations.

Each department needed an integration with a separate instance of the same accounting software. This is something we could solve with custom form configuration.

Storing the data for one team in a custom field meant that the finance integration their developer was creating would need to be different for each team. We worked with their developer to ensure our API would support this new use case.

Each department needed its own sequence for invoices and credit notes as each department was a legal entity with its own VAT registration. We were able to prioritise a new feature to enable the administrator to set up multiple trading names, each with its own numbering for finance documents, so that this could be achieved.

Configuration has been kept consistent between teams so that reports can be run against both parts of the business, and that training and institutional knowledge is simple and transferable.

Features for this Sector:

Graphical Calendar - Allows you to colour-code your various activities. The user can create their own favourite rooms, spaces or activities and either save them and/or share them with colleagues.

Templates – When a client makes a specific type of booking in their preferred rooms then using templates can cut down the time and admin for each additional booking.

Personalised Client-facing Documents – Confirmation letters or invoices can be personalised with your own logo, bank account details, T&Cs etc. Furthermore any future updates to these can be done by yourselves.

MailChimp Integration – When you wish to send a newsletter, special offer or a targeted campaign use the built-in API to email all the entities (Clients and individuals) in that group.

We are especially looking forward to working with this organisation throughout the next year to further rationalise their processes across both teams.

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We find ArtifaxEvent to be an excellent system. It easily helps us manage bookings for private hire events from the initial enquiry stage to the production of a final invoice. Over several years we have been able to build in new systems which have further improved our efficiency. The support staff are great - prompt to respond and always willing to assist. I couldn't do my job without it.

Tom Deller, Corporate Hospitality Manager, Bath’s Historic Buildings

Bath & North East Somerset Council

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