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Cathedrals are not only pivotal to the spiritual and worship life of their city, but also rank high in tourist attraction tables. From an operational perspective, places of worship face similar challenges to galleries and museums and even to conference venues. However, there is the added complexity of scheduling regular daily and weekly services, together with one-off events such as weddings and commemorations. It is common for additional services such as funerals to be scheduled in at short notice, which has an obvious impact on other planned activities. The ability to quickly see an overview of the whole calendar and make suitable adjustments is therefore critical to the smooth operation of a place of worship.

Cathedrals offer a mixture of both flexible and fixed spaces ranging from the main cathedral floor through to more modern purpose-built meeting spaces. It is common for unusual spaces such as the Crypt to be used for events such as evening receptions. Flexible spaces, such as the cathedral floor, often present challenges in room booking systems: the ability to define different room layouts and build relationships between spaces means that ArtifaxEvent has become the system of choice in this sector.

Our newest cathedral client is Great Britain’s largest cathedral, a treasure trove of fascinating features, many of which have a story of their own to tell.

ArtifaxEvent has provided us with a very effective tool to co-ordinate our diary. It helps us to manage the needs of both internal and external users and enables us to make our schedules available to all our staff.

Sector Challenges:

Related Spaces – It is not uncommon for the cathedral floor to be sub-divided into areas, each configured as spaces in ArtifaxEvent. By creating relationships between each of those spaces, ArtifaxEvent can warn users of bookings in other areas that might be affected.

Schools & Tours – A school visit might include multiple groups of students and staff, with a simultaneous schedule of tours and workshops. Manage their schedule including parking, assembly, activities, lunch, and departure; book the required learning staff and education packs; generate booking confirmations and invoices; and build templates in ArtifaxEvent to make the process as fast and efficient as possible. Many of the above requirements are the same for adult groups including whole cathedral and tower visits. ArtifaxAgora allows the public to make booking requests directly.

Tracking Usage – ArtifaxEvent can remove the burden of collating statistics for stakeholders by producing reports on how your place of worship is being used, and by whom. Easily generate breakdowns of guided or self-guided tours, learning workshops, seminars, lectures and events, by age range of attendees or target audience or by department.

Sharing Information – Produce and distribute function sheets, daily briefings and weekly schedules across your organisation manually or automatically. Push these directly to staff calendars to ensure that all departments are kept up to date.


The cathedral’s spaces are used extensively for community activities, commercial events and meetings as well as multiple daily services. The team recognised the need to replace their Outlook calendar with specialist event management software that can be configured to suit the nuances of a cathedral’s operations.

Our client was keen to ensure that there are no missing, double-booked or clashing events. In a venue like a cathedral, where high profile events, regular services, educational visits and community meetings all have to be managed sympathetically in a complex diary, it is crucial to ensure that all user groups have total visibility of what’s happening every day.

Weekly operational reports, quarterly forecasts and annual booking trends are needed to give the cathedral the tactical marketing advantage they need to maximise their commercial income and optimise their space utilisation in tandem with their core values and missions.

Artifax has revolutionised our operations. Its booking, reporting and staffing capabilities are logical, powerful and elegant.

Features for this Sector:

Graphical Calendar – Allows you to colour-code your various activities. The user can create their own favourite rooms, spaces or activities and either save them and/or share them with colleagues.

Published Calendars – Configure calendars that can be shared with other applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or your website.

Templates – Save time by using templates for bookings that follow a set pattern, such as regular services, then adjust as required.

Room Equivalences – Avoid accidental clashes by building relationships between spaces.

ArtifaxEvent is an indispensable venue management tool.

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We find ArtifaxEvent to be an excellent system. It easily helps us manage bookings for private hire events from the initial enquiry stage to the production of a final invoice. Over several years we have been able to build in new systems which have further improved our efficiency. The support staff are great - prompt to respond and always willing to assist. I couldn't do my job without it.

Tom Deller, Corporate Hospitality Manager, Bath’s Historic Buildings

Bath & North East Somerset Council

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