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  • ZSL London Zoo, UK

  • Global Village, Dubai

  • Alexandra Palace, London

  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park

One recent project we undertook was for a sculpture park. They have five indoor galleries set in 500 acres of landscaped grounds. Great art for everyone has been the organisation’s goal since opening to the public in 1977. It enables access, understanding and enjoyment of art and landscape for everyone, whilst dismantling many of the barriers that often exist between the public and contemporary art.

The organisation seeks to provide a centre of international, national and regional importance for the production, exhibition and appreciation of modern and contemporary sculpture. Many inspirational elements combine here to create a unique and exceptional balance of art, heritage, learning and landscape.

Visitor attractions present their own challenges, as they typically handle bookings that may be for commercial organisations, schools and community groups, individuals and internal learning and participation teams. This is often alongside a high volume of general admission visitors and a programme of special ticketed events.

ArtifaxEvent appealed to us at various levels. We felt that Artifax understood our stakeholders' requirements.

Sector Challenges:

Effective On-Boarding – Ensuring every user engages with an application, appreciates its benefits and finds it intuitive is not a matter of accident but careful design. Our consultants work diligently with the system owner to find and resolve issues across the organisation, and implement a training plan that supports their aims and objectives.

Flexible Configuration – Time-poor staff do not need to wade through pages of irrelevant fields, and unfamiliar terms can make a system feel daunting. Create a system that tailored to your requirements, and only ever prompts the user for relevant, meaningful information.

Managing Security – With multiple departments using key spaces, control over who can access and edit bookings and contacts is essential. In ArtifaxEvent you can create and manage your own user groups accordingly.

Consolidated Reporting – Stakeholders need reports, and compiling statistical documents for board members, sponsors, donors, trustees, management and finance staff from a variety of sources, as well as operational reports necessary for making the building and events run smoothly, can easily take the majority of staff time. Custom reports reduce that overhead to a matter of seconds, and can even be scheduled to email automatically.


Our client was using a venue and event management system that had served them well for a long time, but it could only be used from one desk-based PC. The system administrator was keen for other departments to book their own events, but she wanted to keep an eye on what had been booked and by whom.

The organisation’s primary focus is visitor engagement through their family learning, formal learning, and arts and well-being programmes. They wanted users from other teams to have access to the system restricted by their role.

In order for the project to be a success, buy-in from all staff was vital, and it was important that new staff would require minimal training in future.

A good proportion of the organisation’s bookings come from their website, where schools make their own arrangements. An open API was important to enable their web developer to add bookings and clients to their website, so no manual intervention is necessary.

Configuration has been kept consistent between teams so that reports can be run against both parts of the business, and that training and institutional knowledge is simple and transferable.

Features for this Sector:

Translations – Change terms in the application to suit those used by your organisation – you can even vary them per team. Combined with custom fields, this ensures that ArtifaxEvent is always friendly and relevant.

User Groups – Organise users into multiple groupings, and set security rules for each. Exceptions for individual users are easily managed, and checking what they can see and do is simple.

Tasks – Set inter-dependent sets of tasks to ensure colleagues are notified of important information and key things to do. Due dates can be set dynamically, and tasks can be assigned to an individual or a group. Users can be automatically emailed a digest of the tasks they need to focus on each day.

Reports – Compile and analyse KPI data in a matter of moments. Schedule key reports to be distributed automatically. Data across every department can be collated centrally, saving time and effort and guaranteeing consistency.

We're using task reminders, which are emailed automatically to a group of people. Less time is spent reminding people to do things!

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We find ArtifaxEvent to be an excellent system. It easily helps us manage bookings for private hire events from the initial enquiry stage to the production of a final invoice. Over several years we have been able to build in new systems which have further improved our efficiency. The support staff are great - prompt to respond and always willing to assist. I couldn't do my job without it.

Tom Deller, Corporate Hospitality Manager, Bath’s Historic Buildings

Bath & North East Somerset Council

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