Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artifax doing to comply with the GDPR?

We’ve updated our Terms and Conditions as well as our Policies and Procedures, including our Privacy Policy.

We’ve introduced additional functionality into our applications to make it easier for you to comply with your obligations, including enhanced security for special categories of personal data (sensitive data).

Artifax customers can find a wealth of materials in our Help Centre including a Data Processing Addendum.

What’s the difference between concurrent and named user licences?

​If you choose concurrent user licences, you can set up as many users as you like, but the number of them who can log in at the same time is restricted to the number of concurrent user licences. So, you may have 40 users, but only need 10 concurrent licences if only 10 of those users are logged in at the same time.

Named user licences work on a one licence for each user basis, whether they are logged in or not.

Do you have community or ‘lite’ versions? My requirements are simple.

We have one version of our room booking software applications, as we think all users should have access to all the features and functionality. We don’t want any second-class citizens! That said, you don’t have to use all the modules and you can switch off the features you don’t need in security settings.

My organisation is a charity, with a tiny budget. Can you help?

Most of our clients are in the not-for-profit sector, so we understand the financial challenges you face. A single-user system, which includes hosting, upgrades and support, is very affordable and there are no hidden charges. ArtifaxAcademy training, at our Head Office in Epsom, is free. We’re confident that you will see a return on your investment in a short space of time.

How often are the applications updated?

ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora are developed using a Scrum framework within an Agile methodology. Our development sprints last two weeks and a potentially releasable version of the application is available at the end of every sprint. This approach allows us to prioritise development efforts in a fluid and reactive manner, as well as effectively integrating quality assurance (QA) in the development lifecycle.

Our Head of Products decides when a release candidate is elevated to public release status. We aim to release new versions of ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora every six to eight weeks. Updates are included in your subscription, ensuring that the latest version of the applications are always available to you for no additional charge (with the exception of separately licenced, specialist modules that may be introduced in the future).

If the applications are hosted by us in the ArtifaxCloud, we apply updates during scheduled maintenance windows. New application installation files are also made available to on premises clients for them to download and install at their convenience.

Do you offer custom development services?

ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora are off-the-shelf applications, but each can be extensively tailored by you to your organisation’s needs using the built-in configuration tools, translations, custom fields/forms and documents/reports. If there’s a feature or functionality you’d like to see that is likely to benefit other users, we’ll incorporate that into the applications as standard. This ensures that the applications remain robust, easy to support and cost-effective. Our API is used to integrate ArtifaxEvent with other best-of-breed solutions.

Can I design my own documents and reports?

ArtifaxEvent comes with an extensive library of documents and reports. You can download any of these, make changes and upload them as new reports, whether the application is in the cloud or on premises. Reports with complex logic or layouts need T-SQL skills: our report developers are happy to help if you don’t have these in house. In addition, our Excel Toolbar allows you to draw data directly from ArtifaxEvent from within Microsoft Excel, enabling you to build your own dashboards and pivot tables.

What are the benefits of being in the cloud?

ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora are available anytime and anywhere you’re online, accessed through a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari) on your PC, laptop, Mac, tablet or phone. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our hosting infrastructure, so you don’t need to buy or maintain your own web server. ArtifaxEvent and ArtifaxAgora are installed for you and upgraded automatically, so that you are always using the latest version. We take care of security and back-ups too.

I don’t want to be in the cloud! Can I have the applications on my desktop instead?

We know that not everyone is comfortable with cloud applications (or perhaps you have equipment and expertise in house), which is why ArtifaxEvent is also available on premises. Installed on a central server (or on a single device for one-user systems), it is accessed via a web browser, but an internet connection isn’t required (except for emailing). You decide when to upgrade the application and control your own security. ArtifaxAgora is a cloud-only application, as it’s designed for third-party access.

Can I import data from other systems?

ArtifaxEvent has a built-in import tool for people and organisations using a CSV file template. Other CSV file templates are available if you are moving to ArtifaxEvent from a competitor’s application. If you currently manage your venues and events using Outlook and Excel (or their equivalents) and/or the back of an envelope, we’re happy to discuss a custom data import to get you up and running. Ongoing data imports/exports are best handled through our API.

Can I upgrade from ArtifaxEventClassic?

Yes! Although ArtifaxEvent was written from scratch and has a brand-new database, it is easy to migrate data from its desktop predecessor, ArtifaxEventClassic. Our impact assessment service, which will help you to prepare for your upgrade, is free of charge.

Can I upgrade from ArtifaxArtemis?

You’ll find ArtifaxEvent much more intuitive than our very first cloud application, ArtifaxArtemis and cost-saving. Each ArtifaxArtemis installation was built to order, so please talk to us about how best to move on to ArtifaxEvent.

Is there a user manual?

There’s an online user guide for ArtifaxEvent in our Help Centre. Each chapter of the user guide consists of several concise articles designed to familiarise users with all the key processes and functionality available.

Several pages have been enriched with screen shots and video guides to enhance the viewer experience. Overall, the guide contains hundreds of individual links to enable each reader to plot their own journey through articles that interest them. Each article is available as a downloadable PDF via a link at the foot of each page. An updated system administrator guide (PDF) is released with all new versions of ArtifaxEvent.

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