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ARTIFAXevent is a venue and event management system that that handles all aspects of room and space-related bookings. It is designed to meet the specialised needs of people who manage all types of venues.

Arts organisations large and small choose ARTIFAXevent as their comprehensive venue management solution. Whether scheduling room hires, resource bookings, or staff assignments, the application is simple to use, yet flexible enough to be implemented in a 100-seat theatre or a multi-site, multi-regional corporation.

ARTIFAXevent delivers a central calendar for all your spaces, with details of not only the equipment, furniture and catering for your events, but also their associated charges and costs, including the deal made with the promoter.

With powerful reporting functionality and flexibility provided by an unlimited number of custom fields that you can create to capture critical business information, ARTIFAXevent is the industry choice for venue and event management software.

Artifax Event has been vital to the success of our business & has saved us hours & hours of time and therefore money.

Arts Management Group CA
Arts Management Group, CA
Bill Capone, Arts Management Group, NY. USA

ARTIFAXevent delivers a central system to handle all aspects of your group scheduling, tours, education workshops, corporate hires and space-related bookings. It is designed to meet the specialised needs of people who manage any type of museum or gallery, storing data in a single location, allowing quick and simple access, along with tailored reporting from all your events.

Our experience with a range of high profile organisations has highlighted the unique needs of museums and galleries and ARTIFAXevent has been designed to allow you to simply customise the application around your critical business processes.

ARTIFAXevent can also quickly generate confirmation letters, rental agreements, event sheets and invoices at the click of a button, and copies are automatically stored within the booking for future reference, keeping everything to hand exactly where you need it.

Artifax Event helps us better manage our resources, giving our staff more time to seek new clients.

Bowers Museum CA
Bowers Museum, CA
Paul Dowdle, CA. USA

ARTIFAXevent allows conference and event bookings to be made simply and efficiently. It provides a central calendar to record confirmed, provisional and cancelled event bookings and also provides the means to quickly register and track your event sales enquiries.

Room hire and resource charges can be managed from ARTIFAXevent, from furniture and AV equipment, through to catering and staffing requirements. Our Delegate Quantity functionality allows resource bookings to be easily adjusted as changes in attendee numbers occur. Furthermore, detailed information regarding suppliers and resource availability are easily viewed and exported.

All information entered into ARTIFAXevent can be extracted using custom reports created to meet your requirements and to match your house style. Key documents, including contracts, invoices and event summaries are produced quickly and saved automatically, ensuring your teams and customers have all the information they need at any time.

As a large multi function venue Artifax Event has been an essential tool for us since 1999 in assisting us to maximise use of our facility and importantly to ensure that we never have a double booking. Artifax Event is user friendly, and gives relevant staff access to the diary so that they can check the latest event information to assist them with event planning. The Artifax customer services team are always helpful and friendly and also have good knowledge of our previous calls. We look forward to utilising even more of the useful tools in Artifax Event in the future.

Scarborough Spa
Scarborough Spa
Rachel Nicholson, Systems Administrator

ARTIFAXevent delivers wide-ranging functionality to meet the needs of all facilities and venue types, providing a central system for all event bookings.

Are you are hiring out meeting rooms, community halls or sports pitches; offering conferencing and banqueting facilities; or managing theatres and concert halls? The flexibility of ARTIFAXevent allows for either a central booking department to book a variety of spaces, or each venue and department to make their own bookings.

As well as handling all aspects of room and resource bookings, ARTIFAXevent enables staff across the organisation to view event schedules via the Published Calendars feature. This allows individuals to subscribe to calendars via Microsoft Outlook, or other calendar applications, and view this information on their mobile devices.

Furthermore, event check-lists can be easily created using Tasks functionality, with staff reminded to complete critical activities for event delivery. All information entered into ARTIFAXevent can be extracted using custom reports created to meet your requirements and to match your house style.

We find Artifax Event to be an excellent system. It easily helps us manage bookings for private hire events from the initial enquiry stage to the production of a final invoice. Over several years we have been able to build in new systems which have further improved our efficiency. The support staff are great – prompt to respond and always willing to assist. I couldn’t do my job without it.Thanks Artifax!

Bath North East Somerset
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Tom Deller, Corporate Hospitality Manager, Bath’s Historic Buildings

ARTIFAXevent brings together all aspects of running your visitor attractions, allowing you to manage the largest and smallest of details for group visits, as well as any conference and banqueting events you are hosting.

Along with room booking charges, all equipment, furniture and catering needs can be added as resource bookings and included in the event invoices. Furthermore, a wide range of reports can be produced at the click of a button and automatically stored for future reference. Examples of these include confirmation letters, rental agreements and event summaries.

ARTIFAXevent can be easily customised to your unique business needs and processes with the use custom form fields to capture the critical booking information you require.

The system means that we can report visitor statistics exactly as required, and allows us to manage our room bookings, reading room usage and visitor attendance at events effectively. I now use Artifax Event to maintain all my mailing lists and distribution lists as well as to book rooms etc. for our entire events programme, but I’m sure there’s a lot more we could do. The support team are usually able to resolve issues instantly and if not, are efficient at getting back to us. Artifax Event has been the answer to our data collection and statistics requirements and has improved the efficiency of our room and event booking systems considerably.

Museum of English Rural Life Reading
Museum of English Rural Life, Reading
Alison Hilton, Marketing Officer

ARTIFAXevent is a venue and event management system that handles all aspects of tours, group visits, room and space-related bookings. It’s flexibility and simple customisation meets the specialised needs of managing any type of religious building.

Any events you need to schedule – such as regular and special services, guides for group visits, meeting rooms or AV equipment – can be assigned in ARTIFAXevent, reducing the possibility of clashes and enabling easy reporting across all activities.

Special dates are stored in the central calendar, enabling users to keep track of the various religious festivals that happen during the year. This information can even be fed automatically to your website.

Artifax Event has provided us with a very effective tool to co-ordinate our diary. It helps us to manage the needs of both internal and external users and enables us to make our schedules available to all our staff.

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
Michelle Walter, Tourism Coordinator