Come to us for a hands-on course at our centre in Epsom. This is ideal if only one or two users require training making it more cost-effective for you to come to us than for us to come to you or if you would benefit from training away from the busy office environment.

Training takes place on a demonstration database and there may be users from other organisations on the same course. Spaces are free and filled on a first come, first served basis.

NOTE: Academy courses are only available for existing supported ARTIFAXevent and ARTIFAXeventclassic clients and booked through our Support Help Centre.

We can adapt any of our classroom-based courses or design training courses from scratch to focus on what you need for your organisation.

Artifax bespoke training is a cost-effective method of training up to 6 people at once and will be delivered by one of our dedicated Artifax trainers at either your organisation or at our training centre in Epsom, whichever suits you.

Bespoke training is ideal during the initial implementation to give your trainer a better understanding of your needs by seeing your workplace and processes first-hand.

We need you to have a suitable training room with a computer for each trainee. Training is usually more effective if trainees can be protected from the day to day demands of their jobs. Training is hands-on and can either use our standard demonstration database or a preconfigured database that matches your organisation.

Please contact us for more information.

Once your system administrator is experienced in the ordinary operation of ARTIFAXeventclassic (v3) and everything is running smoothly, it is time to see what else you can get out of it.

There are dozens of functions built into the product that are kept out of the way to avoid intimidating or confusing new users and they can be unlocked if you know how.

Please contact us for more information.

Save money with a training passport:

  • Create a training programme tailored to your needs
  • Mix and match bespoke training
  • 3-day, 5-day, 7-day and 10-day training passports
  • Share with your colleagues

Please contact us for more information.

Other services

Our support team is highly skilled and trained and many of them have come to work at Artifax with backgrounds in our core markets. We know that effective support can only be provided by staff who not only know the product, but also understand your business, so you can be sure that their advice will be practical.

We appreciate that not everyone has the same level of technical knowledge and always tailor our approach to suit the customer. It is sometimes easier to demonstrate a problem than explain it and we use remote desktop sharing tools to facilitate this.

Our customers can telephone us for support during office hours and are always connected to a person rather than an automated system. They can also email us and, whichever method is chosen, every issue is logged in our call-tracking database and a reference number is issued to track its progress.

We take a proactive approach to support, making a special effort to contact customers we have not heard from in a while.


Our dedicated team has extensive experience of business and technical operations in charity, not for profit, public sector and commercial organisations.

Our primary objective is to provide exceptional service and value for money, ensuring that your project is delivered within its defined constraints.

Our PRINCE2-trained project team will work closely with you to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

We help create a structured, collaborative and positive environment in which every member of the project team contributes to delivering success.

One of our aims is to enable our customers to only ever type any piece of information once, reducing effort and increasing accuracy.

The key to achieving this is a library of reports that extract data to be used internally and sent to customers. Artifax products are provided with a suite of useful reports and additional reports can be created by our team of report writers.

Standard reports can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your organisation or you can have your own bespoke analysis of past or future bookings. Artifax’s team of report writers will guide you through from specifying to running your new report.

Our development team has vast experience in understanding user requirements, delivering fast and effective customised solutions tailoring ARTIFAXevent to clients’ needs and budgets.

Custom services include:

  • Data exports to accounting software

  • Online public bookings

  • Complex Microsoft Excel reports

  • Customised booking wizards to streamline user experience


Bespoke work has enabled members of the public and back office staff to book spaces and services including children’s parties in village halls, driving experiences and corporate hospitality. Data has been transferred to accounts systems, ticketing software, venue websites and foyer display boards.

If you are an existing or potential client who feels that there is one extra feature that will mould an Artifax product even closer to your organisation’s needs, then our development team is on hand.